What is it about RSVP’s that leave so many lingering questions?

The deadline to RSVP for Boogie’s party is June 3rd, and it seems like some people are going to push the envelope as far as they can. Hubby actually had to prompt his siblings because apparently they felt like they didn’t need to reply to such a request.

This whole process has me quite amused one minute, and very annoyed the next.

An invitation is just that, an invite to a particular event where there will likely be refreshments served. For that very reason, it is important for an exact head count to be known. One wouldn’t just show up to a wedding without RSVP’ing, right?

I know one thing, we’re done with the prompting; if people choose not to respond and arrive anyway, they will just have to deal with the lack of food, drinks, whatever.

I’m not going to hold anyone’s hand. This party is about Boogie, not making sure adults know how to show common courtesy.

Rant over.




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