We took advantage of the cold weather today and did a major deep clean. It’s amazing the amount of stuff we’ve accumulated over the last 10 years. It felt good to toss out old, unwanted stuff.

With our 11th anniversary coming up, hubby and I have been reminiscing about our past. When we first met, neither of us had any idea that we would be together for as long as we have. It amazes me that we’ve spent a third of our lives together.

During our first years together, there were definitely growing pains as we learned to adjust to one another on a permanent basis. The novelty of “shacking up” wore off, and we had to learn how to co-exist. Disagreements gave way to compromise and eventually we found our rhythm.

Boogie’s anticipated arrival brought about its own type of adjustment, and things have been all the better for it.

With the hustle and bustle of daily life, it was nice to have a few moments to sit back and reflect on just how far we’ve come.

Lord willing we will be blessed with many more years together.

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