We’re planning Boogie’s first birthday party, and I’m like a fish out of water. Completely out of my element. I’ve never planned a child’s party. I don’t even know where to start.

We’ve managed to nail down a theme and location and I just ordered the invitations and thank you cards, but where do we go from here?

My mom has been a godsend, answering my most ridiculous questions with grace. Sure, I’ve attended children’s birthday parties, I guess I just never put much thought into the behind the scenes stuff. Now that it’s my turn, I’m getting a crash course.

To add to the excitement, Boogie is the absolute youngest cousin on his paternal side, and the second youngest on his maternal side, with years in between.

How do you entertain such a wide range of kiddos? Pinterest is quickly becoming my best friend.

I started planning early so that I’m not in a complete frenzy once we get back in town. My goal is to be able to have everything in order by the end of the month, so that if any last minute things come up, I have more than enough time before the party next month.

Here’s hoping that things go according to plan.













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