I’m a crime buff. I enjoy reading books and  watching documentaries based on crime stories, past and present. It’s something about these types of cases that pulls me in. I’m not one that gets excited about seeing pictures of dead bodies and crime scenes; it’s more of the human connection, or lack thereof that draws me in.

When time permits, I enjoy watching the Investigation Discovery channel. I have a few favorite shows, and enjoy catching up on them when I can. It always amazes me just how depraved some individuals can be. The lack of empathy from some of the offenders is astonishing at times.

There are however, some shows that I have such a difficult time getting into.

Disappeared tops that list. This show focuses on individuals who have gone missing and the emotional toll that it takes on their families. I become incredibly anxious when trying to watch this show; it is heartbreaking to me that people either feel so negatively about life that they take off, or are taken against their will.

Majority of these cases are not resolved and the families must learn to live without their loved ones. I could not imagine what that must be like. How do you go on? What is considered normal after something like this?

When a family is asked whether it would be better if a body was found, the answer is usually yes. Having a body to bury allows some closure to happen. Every day, week, month and year without any solid leads can bring about its own type of special hell.

Writing this post leaves me grasping for thoughts and I feel that I’m starting to ramble on, so I will close by saying my heart goes out to each and every one of the families. I pray that God brings them comfort in these difficult times.



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