I love the rain, always have; it just has such a cleansing effect. I love when the clouds begin to turn gray and you can just smell the rain coming. Today was a rainy day, and tomorrow is expected to be the same. This is wonderful, as we need the moisture after experiencing a very mild winter. Colorado simply has a way of doing its own thing, weather wise.

Boogie and I hung out and read books, played and explored. He’s finally starting to understand that he has more room to roam and actually made it to his bedroom today. It’s such an awesome thing to see the look of pride and accomplishment on his face. In addition to the free-range crawling, he’s also working on standing up! We’ve managed to get 2-3 seconds of him standing unassisted a couple of times a day. He may begin walking by his first birthday, and what a sight that will be to behold.

With the new skills that he’s learning, Boog has been completely wearing himself and has been sleeping quite soundly at night. He’s always been a pretty good sleeper, but now it just feels as though he’s more prone to going right to sleep, as opposed to trying to stay up later. Between the growth spurts and the sleep regressions, I have definitely learned to go with the flow when it comes to his sleep patterns, and have grown accustomed to following his cues.

There are times when I’m amazed at just how far I’ve come. A few years ago on any rainy day, you would find me curled up reading James Patterson or watching Law & Order SVU; now I’m reading Guess How Much I Love You and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is my go-to show. I can sing the Hot Dog song with the best of them, and hubby and I have frequent conversations about who our favorite characters are.  If you were to walk into my home, you would immediately notice how the living room is slowing taking on the feel of a toy room, and you know what, we love every minute of it. Parenthood is such a wonderful blessing, and we thank God every day for the opportunity.

It seems the magical power of the rain has won me over, so I’m going to settle in, and enjoy some quiet time. I hope that wherever you are, today was an incredible day, and that tomorrow brings more of the same.

Take care.


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