Boundaries have been on my mind a lot today. How important it is to have them, and how important it is to respect others. Unfortunately, some people don’t respect boundaries and it leads to conflict. One has to know when to say no, otherwise they run the risk of being taken advantage of.

I’m not as active as I once was on social media, and even when I was posting a lot more often, I made it a point to keep my personal details to a minimum. To give you a good picture of just how non-existent I am on Facebook, I didn’t even mention my pregnancy, and only posted a picture of Boogie’s FEET, just to announce to the world that we were parents. Yes, I am the parent who refrains from posting my son’s face on social media. Why? I personally don’t see the point. I completely understand parental pride, and wanting to show your child to the world, but for me posting online just seems like you are opening a portal to some unknown hell.

Sure, you can put privacy settings on your page, but once a picture is out there, anyone with a little bit of tech savvy can see it. How many times do you see pictures of children made into memes for others to share, laugh at, criticize, modify? The list goes on and on. I don’t want that for my son.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not on full photo blackout, I’ve just found ways to be creative about the pictures I post. For instance, you may see pics of him standing with his back to me, head bent over looking at a book or toys, etc. Boogie It’s definitely challenging at times, but it encourages me to think outside the box.

This post comes as a result of two different family members posting pictures of my son, despite me making it clear that I did not want this. To say I’m frustrated would be an understatement. It feels like a betrayal, and I don’t know how to approach both of them without sounding like a psycho. I’m going to pray about it tonight, and hope that the Lord sets me on the right path.

On a lighter note, I had my dentist appointment today, and my hygienist is the sweetest woman, but has the annoying habit of asking a million questions, while she’s cleaning my teeth! How on earth am I supposed to answer?! I usually babble on nonsensically, and she has the good grace to act as though she understands what I’m saying. Too add to the weirdness, I find myself trying not to stare into her eyes while she’s polishing away; it’s almost like a bad first date, neither of you has any idea what to do and is hoping it ends soon!

Boogie is sleeping, after another action packed day of destruction. He’s getting the hang of cruising, and it’s so amazing to see his confidence growing. We’re starting to plan his first birthday party, and we’re going with a Mickey Mouse theme. The “Hot Dog” song has almost become our family theme song at this point. Hubby and I often marvel at how different our lives have become, and we honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m going to work on my schedule for my work weekend, and then get settled for the night. I hope that your Monday was nice and easy, and that the rest of the week follows suit. I’ll check back in tomorrow.

Have a good evening.


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