Today was a good day. Work didn’t actually feel like work, and that’s a good thing, right? I’m mentally preparing myself for tomorrow, and hoping that the sermon will be balm to my grieving soul. Boogie had a good day with hubby, and is slowly realizing that he has more room to roam, so that means more destruction is sure to ensue. Surprisingly, I’m ready for it, as it shows that we are raising a confident kiddo.

The bedtime routine was nice and easy, as Boog was absolutely exhausted, a direct result of him deciding to drop a nap. Hubby and I are actually watching TV together, well he’s watching and I’m writing, but hey quality time is quality time, and with our opposite schedules it’s been few and far between for the two of us. Our little family is doing okay. I hope you all are enjoying your evenings as well. I’ll be sure to check in tomorrow.

Have a good night.

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