There’s power in prayer. As I sit here watching Boogie play with his toys and pull up on EVERYTHING, I’m amazed at how my prayers were answered. There were countless nights where I turned to God and asked if I would ever be a mother. Was I fit to take on the task? Hubby and I had been trying for 6 years before deciding to focus on other things. Later I began to realize that God was not telling me “no”, He was simply telling me to wait. You know the saying “Good things come to those who wait.”

So we waited, we enjoyed our lives, took vacations, moved, got promotions, new jobs, better transportation, saved money, and reconnected with each other. We began talking about trying again after my 30th birthday in 2015 (holy smokes 2 whole years ago!), and about the changes that would need to be made if we did in fact become pregnant. Within 5 months I was pregnant, and things seemed to move in supersonic speed. Before we knew it, it was the end of January, and we had just learned that we were having a boy. Kick counting became a real thing, and almost a game each morning as hubby and I took turns talking to Boogie to see who could get him to move most each morning. Could this really be happening? Yes, it was.

We went from being the couple who was slowly coming to terms with the fact that we likely would not be parents, to being absolutely and madly in love with our boy. At least 2 times a week, we both look at each other like complete lunatics and marvel at the fact that we’re parents.

The point of my post is to serve as a gentle reminder that sometimes we are not quite ready for the things that we want in life. I saw something a little earlier today on Instagram that went something like “I’m now enjoying the things that I once prayed for.” Pray without ceasing, and when it seems that it’s not working, pray a little harder. God is always listening, sometimes you have to be the one to turn on your listening ears, so to speak.

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